Now YOU Can Rent George’s Brain to Answer Your Most Important Marketing Questions

Small to Mid-Size Companies
Can Now Afford
an Expert Marketing Consultant

I will find the 2 or 3 hidden decision blocks that are killing your sales and show you how to fix them. Unlike most other marketing consultants, I’m not interested in tweaking and tuning — I’m interested in breakthroughs that multiply your sales.

I focus on THE most important thing that you’ll benefit from most: What is blocking your customers from deciding on your product and becoming an enthusiast? What’s making it hard for them? What would make that block go away or easy to overcome?

  • I will give you breakthrough practical advice for your specific situation.
  • I will rank my advice and just tell you the best next practical 2-3 steps that will make a dramatic difference, instead of overwhelm you with minor tweaks.
  • You can “pick the brain” of an  expert who has spent decades introducing hundreds of new products, services and ideas — and increasing the sales of established ones.

But how does a small to mid-size business with limited funds get access to a top marketing consultant?

Small to Mid-Size Business Marketing Consultation. Now.

In response to so many phone calls, emails and pleas for help from small and mid-size businesses, who agree with the idea of Decision Easification, I’ve cre­ated this con­sult­ing pro­gram for smaller  and medium-sized companies with big ideas.  You can simply “rent my brain.” You get sound, personalized guidance; clear advice; tested ideas;  prac­ti­cal how-to’s; and can­did feed­back. I know you have many issues and questions. To get you started, here are some of the vital questions I’ve answered recently in 1½ hour consultations, often many questions in each consultation:

  • Is my idea practical? How can I tell, without spending tens of thousands of dollars in surveys and focus groups? How can I turn it into something even more exciting?
  • How can I get the word out, find my customers, or get them to find me, with a much more limited budget than competitors? Who should I be concentrating on?
  • How can I describe my product or service to people who don’t know and don’t care if they need it? In this information-overloaded world, how do I get them to remove their earplugs?
  • How can I avoid the pitfalls I’m sure to fall into — because almost very product does. Even experienced marketing VPs have only launched a handful of successful products in their careers. I’ve been a major advisor in the launch of hundreds (literally) of successful products — and a few failures. I’ve learned a lot along the way.
  • What decision barriers am I going to run into? How can I avoid the avoidable, see the invisible and triumph over the inevitable obstacles?
  • How can I possibly compete with companies hundreds of times my size — and compete in  my market, not live off their niche table-scraps?
  • What would be the best, clear, useful, practical, implementable marketing strategy for my product starting now, on a budget that works, with fewer risks and mistakes?

To see more possible questions, click here. How much would you be willing to pay to get several of these questions answered in ONE 1½ hour consultation? Read on; you’re in for a surprise.

How can I address several of these major issues in only one consultation?

Especially if we haven’t done the kind of in-depth marketing research that I’ve advocated all over this website? Experience. Mine and yours. I’ve been through the customer decision process of hundreds of products, services and concepts. I’ve reached a point where I can quickly zero in on major decision blocks just by looking at your marketing, and by listening to your descriptions of what is working and not working. And, you haven’t exactly been a hermit. You’ve talked with customers, received their praise and complaints, talked with your salespeople and others. You know much more than you think you know. So, my recommendations combined with your input can have a dramatic impact immediately.. Then, later on, you might want to do the kind of research I’m advocating to further optimize the system.

So, for example, I’m going to ask you to describe your trial process and your guarantees, or other risk-reduction techniques. I don’t need to do a lot of fancy research to know that a product with the wrong kind of trial is a product that is losing a lot of sales. But structuring a meaningful trial is a matter of knowing the many options that aren’t obvious. Or, take guarantees: even companies with a strong guarantee may be guaranteeing the wrong thing. You may be guaranteeing their purchase price, but they might need a guarantee that they won’t look like a fool. There are dozens of such issues that I can spot without extensive market research.

Why do I need you?

I’ve helped hundreds of product managers, marketing VPs, CEOs and entrepreneurs with questions like these in my career. If you want me to help YOU, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and help you launch a successful product — or grow your existing ones.

Let’s face it: You need outside, savvy feedback because you’re too close to your situation. I have built my reputation as a straight shooter. I call it like I see it, because I sincerely care and I know that fluffing you up will not get you what you want. I’m tough, I’m honest but supportive and frankly, I’m usually right. (Except for that one time in 1983 when I thought I was wrong! :lol:)

What does it cost?

Renting my brain for this invaluable 90 minutes is just a $500 investment on your part — and our conversation could change the direction of your product or company! My assistant or I will contact you to set up a time convenient for us to talk.  When our time comes, you’ll call me and I’ll give you my undivided attention for ninety sincere, transformative minutes. Record the call for future reference (I’ll do it if you’re traveling, for instance, and email you the audio file.) Sign up for a consult.

Your guarantee:

At about the 45 minute mark of our conversation, we will reach the “Go/No-Go” point: I’ll ask you if you feel you are getting great value for your time and money. If not, we’ll end the conversation and I’ll refund your money immediately, through PayPal or a bank check, no problem. If yes, we’ll continue to transform your product, service or idea.

You really can’t lose. Take a shot.

The $500 will make absolutely no difference in your or my way of life; neither of us will feel it in the least. But the results can transform your business. If you can’t get ten times the $500 in an hour and a half of talking with me, then we’re either both idiots (I know I’m not, and if you found me and browsed my web site, I’m sure you’re not either), or there is a terrible mismatch that will become clear well before the go/no-go point in our conversation. By taking advantage of this opportunity to do a phone consultation with me at a time of your choosing, we make it easy for you. YOU get my brain on YOUR terms, helping YOU sort out YOUR issues, giving YOU the best advice on the topics of your choice.

You’ve looked over my web site and/or read my books. You’ll have the entire benefit of my 40+ years of professional wisdom. By the way, I look at this as a completely self-contained consultation, with no obligation on your part for additional consults, and definitely not as an opportunity to sell you added services. (If you’re interested, we can discuss it in a free call, on my time, not yours.) My goal is to cram as much ready-to-implement, practical advice into the 90 minutes that you are recording so that you go away deliriously happy, with your head spinning, but able to take enough immediate, high-payoff action so that you never have to speak with me again. If you want to speak on a regular basis, that’s YOUR call, YOUR frequency, YOUR content. I’ll even work up a flat rate for a defined project, with unlimited access.

If we spend an hour and a half and you make a few million dollars as a result, I only ask two more things: (1) Take me out to dinner at a fancy NY restaurant next time you’re in NY and tell me the story. I live for these kinds of stories. And (2), let me write a short summary that I can share with my readers and other clients. I’m sincerely looking forward to helping YOU meet YOUR goals.

Ask yourself what is the value of one great, relevant, practical idea, one missed key question asked and answered? What’s the benefit of having one wrong assumption corrected? Then fill out the form below. Now, before you get distracted again.


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