Introduction to Telephone Focus Groups

Special Report …

Introduction to
Telephone Focus Groups


George Silverman
President, Market Navigation, Inc.

(Inventor of the telephone focus group and helluva nice guy)

How to…

  • Research hard-to-reach people
  • Get broader geographical representation
  • Reach higher level respondents
  • Open people up even better than in face-to-face groups
  • And do other nifty things…
  • While still having a life
  • Without being away from family and friends
  • Without airline food and uncomfortable hotels
  • At lower cost

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Who should read this report

This Special Report is for marketing executives, marketing managers and marketing researchers of client companies, agencies, marketing research companies and independent moderators who are just learning about telephone focus groups. It is intended as an introduction to acquaint you with the basics: when to use them, how they compare with face-to-face groups, and some of the logistics.

I also offer a course on how to run telephone focus groups, for experienced moderators who want to learn to actually run telephone groups. If you’re interested, let me know.

Much of the following material has appeared as articles in my Market Navigator Newsletter. I have left in some redundancies where I thought the material important enough to be included for the person only reading that particular section.

What you will learn

  • Six important lessons I learned from the invention of the telephone focus group.
  • The answers to the 16 most frequently asked questions about telephone focus groups.
  • Why telephone focus groups are actually superior to face-to-face groups in most situations.
  • The electronic advances that enable telephone focus groups to work so well.
  • How to identify and reach the people who are even more important than your customers.


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