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Note: This is a book in progress. You will be able to follow along as I write it. You can even subscribe to the changes.

You will learn about:

Face-to-Face Focus Groups,
Telephone Focus Groups,
Online Focus Groups

Hi, I’m George Silverman. I’ve conducted more than 7500 focus groups since 1971. I’m happy to share with you some if the things that you won’t get in books and in online articles.

Concept Testing: How to test it without killing it: How to develop concepts in focus groups without killing them with initial negativity

How to Get More Out of Your Focus Groups, The most important and common pitfalls in focus group projects. How to avoid them.

How To Get Beneath The Surface In Focus GroupsThis is one I’m especially proud of. It’s used in training programs all over. People say it’s one of the most practical pieces of writing on focus groups. Reminder: you need permission (and must pay a reasonable fee) to use it for training or other commercial purposes.

Client Guide To The Focus Group A guide to the best use of focus groups: when to use them, for what, examples of the marketing problems they can help solve, when not to use them, what to look for, tips on managing focus group projects.

The Myth of Online Focus Groups. Online groups are usually compared favorably to face-to-face focus groups for difficult-to-recruit respondents. That’s nonsense. Online focus groups should be compared to the other method of running remote groups: telephone focus groups. By this comparison, online focus groups are a terrible way to run groups.

Getting To The Right Psychological Level In Your Focus Groups, Most focus groups are superficial. Want to know how to get deeper info? Here’s how.

How – and why – to Research Word of Mouth Word of mouth is the most powerful force in the marketplace. You really need to know what people are saying about you, and what’s actually persuasive. Here’s how to conduct word-of-mouth research in a different type of focus group by directly observing word of mouth in action.

Everything In Moderation, How to pick a moderator vs. a qualitative research consultant. What are the qualifications to look for.

Get The Answers To These 23 Questions 23 questions that are the most powerful marketing questions you can ask about your product.

Telephone focus groups

Special Report: Introduction to Telephone Focus Groups


Important Lessons I Learned from the Invention and Development of the Telephone Focus Group.

Questions and Answers About Telephone Focus Groups, from the man who invented them.
FAQs (Frequently asked questions). This is what people ask when they call us.

The shocking truth about telephone focus groups
This is a killer article. It tells why telephone focus groups are usually better than face-to-face groups!

How to Moderate Telephone Focus Groups Free: This is a $350 training course for how to moderate Telephone Focus Groups that we made available for free after 9/11 to help moderators and clients who suddenly couldn’t or wouldn’t travel. We are continuing to make it available for a limited time again, then we are going to charge for it again. In PDF format.

Are you overlooking these people in your marketing? This is a great checklist to discover the often-overlooked people who might be having more influence on your sales than your customers!

On-Line, Real Time Internet Focus Groups. A short description of how you can use telephone focus groups to get customer reactions to Web sites, software and other internet offerings.

Sales Representative and Employee Focus Groups. How to research your own employees.

Telephone Conference System Capabilities that Improve Telephone Focus Groups

Strategic Listening.

Companies are trying much harder to listen to their customers. But they are finding that customer listening is not only difficult, it’s not enough. What you hear must be interpreted into what people really mean, then translated into customer-oriented marketing strategy and tactics. I call this process Strategic Listening.


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