Book: “Easy Choices: The Secret to Marketing in the Age of Overload”

“Easifying” Your Customers’ Decision Process


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George Silverman


Decision EZification is the process of identifying the steps in the customer decision paths, finding the bottlenecks that are slowing things down, eliminating these bottlenecks and then streamlining the rest of the decision process:

  1. Map the decision steps of your customers in detail.
  2. Use this to identify and remove the decision barriers.
  3. Then, construct a marketing campaign to help your customers sail through the decision process at warp speed (Primarily using “New-Marketing” technology)

It is the single best way to capture market share, dominate your competition and increase profits: more powerful than the traditional approach of concentrating on brand choice, acquiring new customers, or increasing the size and frequency of sales — the traditional ways of selling. Why? Because when you do the things necessary to accelerate customer decisions by making things easier, you automatically accomplish all of these things at once!

Concentrate on helping your customers make higher quality, faster and easier decisions while having fun, and you will have a run-away success.

So, the old function of marketing was: Capture the attention of your “targets” by broadcasting intrusive, interruptive and repetitive messages. Keep at it until they buy.

The new function of marketing is: Help the customer make the best decisions for him/her, in the easiest possible way. Make sure your product is the best decision by making it not only the best product, but the one with the easiest decision elements: easier to find, browse, shop, learn, try, buy, use, fix, teach, and rave about.

The following articles are excerpted from the book and will give you an immediate edge.

How to exceed your projections in half the time.

Learn how to accelerate the adoption of high-tech, innovative and/or breakthrough products. Most new products fail, or reach disappointing levels of sales, or are accepted much slower than anticipated. Here’s a systematic way to accelerate the acceptance of these products. “If you read only one marketing article in your life, this is the one you should read.” (Just getting permission to quote the person who said this!)

How to research your customers’ decision process

Free for a limited time
Why it’s important to research your customers’ decision process and specific tips and methods for doing it right, avoiding the pitfalls, etc.

Speed up your customers’ decision cycle & watch your sales multiply!,

Why speeding up the customer’s decision cycle is the single most important thing that you can do to increase sales and dominate your market. Oh, also how to do it!

Beyond Customer Driven Marketing:

Why it isn’t enough to be responsive to customers.

How to develop truly compelling persuasion

How to refine your materials and other marketing elements to truly persuade people, instead of just throwing information at them.

The secret of why only some marketing programs succeed and most others fail

Special Report: Secrets of Frictionfree Marketing [Removed temporarily for revisions]

[Table of contents] [Removed temporarily for revisions]]

Based on more than 5500 focus groups conducted over 26 years, this report would cost you several million dollars if you commissioned it yourself. It maps the customer decision process and compiles new ways of influencing it at every step. A practical, step-by-step, do-it-yourself guide to accelerating product adoption by accelerating the customers’ decision process. It’s the detailed guidebook to the above three articles. The approaches, strategies, techniques, and tips in this guidebook have made the difference between success and failure for dozens of major products and services.

Why you need decision ezification consulting
For those who don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route, here’s why you need a decision acceleration consultant.

Ground Rules of Marketing

How To Convince People To Adopt Your Product (The Decision Map)

(Almost) Everything I Know About Marketing, I Learned in My Father’s Drug Store.


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