About the MindSkills Playbook

MindSkills are your methods for thinking, feeling and acting effectively. Above all, they are the ability to Go Meta: to be aware of and run your mental processes instead of being run by them.

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My Story:
Where does your expertise come from? As a child, I noticed that most smart people in the world wasted their time memorizing facts instead of learning skills. They never got enough knowledge even though they were drowning in it.
My Story: Continued
I found I could figure things out better than those "facts collectors" by focusing on skills more than content. I soon noticed that I learned more from my hobbies than my schooling because hobbies taught me more mental TECHNIQUES, which I later named MindSkills.
My Story: Continued
I spent a lifetime applying and refining them, very successfully. I found that nothing is more important for success and well-being than a well-honed stack of mental skills.
Tell Me More About Your MindSkills Concept
MindSkills are the methods and techniques for effectively operating your mind in a variety of functions, such as thinking, managing emotions, self-educaton, being more creative and putting these into action.
How MindSkills Works
Your success depends on your ability to learn, problem solve and make decisions, and NOT on the facts you have memorized. MindSkills are easily learned and honed using the skills you already have, through enjoyable practice and play. They have an immediate impact.
How MindSkills Works: Continued
MindSkills are WAY more important than raw intelligence or native ability. Everybody can improve these skills. Even Tiger Woods needs a golf coach.
How MindSkills Works: Continued
MindSkills compliment, multiply & potentiate each other. For instance, learning the scientific method will enhance your artistic creation by teaching you better experimentation skills. Art will make you a better scientist, teaching you how to see more creative possibilities.
How MindSkills Works: Continued
Curiosity skills apply across every aspect of your life. Asking better questions improves everything. Managing emotions affects your entire being.
Here are Some of the MindSkills You Will Level Up
Self-awareness, self-control Learning Emotion management Goals & purpose Better problem-solving & decision-making Creativity Dealing with info overload Creating wealth Social skills, persuasion Putting plans into action
My Accomplishments Using MindSkills
I am a former psychologist, marketing consultant, author of Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Invented the Decision Map of how customers make purchase decisions; Invented Easification of the customer decision process;
My Accomplishments Using MindSkills: Continued
Invented the TelePhone Focus Group, which allowed me to study how high-level people think; Expert Blindness; and I am a violinist, magician, juggler, stilt-walker, stenographer, Dvorak typist, windsurfer, photographer, marksman, pilot, sous vide cook.
My Accomplishments Using MindSkills: Continued
I started two highly profitable businesses. Now semi-retired, meaning I have the money to do what I want. At the moment, it's teaching the MindSkills that have taken me a lifetime to assemble and validate. Happily married to a prominent couples therapist.
Who Can Use MindSkills?
At whatever level you are, when you Follow you will improve your MindSkills one tweet at a time. You will be encouraged and challenged. Your box will be pleasantly shaken. You may be "triggered," in a good way, in a safe space. You will play on the playground of life.