How to Move People from Complacency to Evangelism In Only 10 Simple Yeses

Overloaded prospects and customers stay with inferior products because they don’t have the time to learn about and switch to yours. Here’s how to jog them out of their complacency to become an evangelist.

To go from complacency to evangelism, he/she has to say these 10 Simple Yeses:

Complacency: Status Quo – “I’m satisfied, I don’t care, or I don’t think improvement is possible.”


  1. …I’m dissatisfied
  2. …I’m in the market
  3. …I’m interested in your product
  4. …I’ll study the info
  5. …You’re possibly the best.
  6. …I’ll try your product.
  7. …I’ll trust you.
  8. …I’ll buy.
  9. …I’ll use it.


Hidden obstacles stand between each of the 10 Yeses.

Your mission as a marketing strategist is to make it easier for each customer to reach the next Yes by removing the obstacles. If you make it easy, they will quickly move to the next Yes. If not, they are stuck at an obstacle. You need to find the obstacle and guide the customer through the minefield to the next step.

In order to help you find these crucial obstacles, I have prepared The 10 Simple Yeses to More Sales Faster – Special Report. It’s a more detailed guide to how to move people through the Yeses. It’s yours as my gift to you for signing up for my newsletter, The Market Navigator’s Briefings.

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