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August 30, 2005 |  by  |  General
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I think Jeanne Meserve of CNN should be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize or an Emmy. She is the most incisive, articulate and human reporter on any network reporting on hurricane Katrina, maybe anywhere. The impact of the hurricane aftermath didn’t hit me until I heard her emotional report Monday night.

She just barely held it together as she described how people were trapped with rapidly rising water in their attics or on their roofs. Her voice choked as she talked about how people were calling out in the darkness for someone to help them, with her and her crew unable to do anything, and as she described how her cameraman worked all day with a broken foot. She clearly painted a pained picture of people on roofs waiting in vain, in the dark, to be rescued.

This is one situation where the appropriate emotional dimension added accuracy. It made me realize that the standard of “dispassionate” reporting can sometimes cause distortion. If she had dispassionaty reported on what she saw, I never would have understood the significance.

This was an amazing example of how word of mouth from a trusted source telling a human story was so much more powerful, believable and accurate than the usual “objective” sources.

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