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Amazing and Moving Example of Word-of-Mouth Explosion

Watch these YouTube videos for an amazing, poignant example of how word of mouth, passed on from a social networking web site exploded into a national exposure (13 Million YouTube views as of this post!), got the man national fame, a job and a house, in a matter of a day or two.

I won’t say “Went Viral.” It was an explosion, not a viral spread. See previous post on the Viral Marketing Myth

YouTube – Raw Video: Homeless Man’s Voice Gets Natl Buzz

YouTube – (HD) Ted Williams, New CBS interview – Homeless man with golden radio voice

YouTube – Ted Williams Reunites with Mother after 20 Years

[CBS does not allow embedding into a blog. Click above to go to YouTube to view it there.]

WOMworthy: the Pluot

Just ran across an inter­est­ing new prod­uct that is appar­ently catch­ing on by WOM: the Pluot®. It’s a cross (actu­aly an “inter­spe­cific,” which is more than just a blend) between a plum and an apri­cot and comes in many vari­eties. It tastes great, but our focus here is on inter­est­ing Word of Mouth stories.

To read an inter­est­ing WOM story about how the Pluot word of mouth is being trans­mit­ted by an expert and by ordi­nary peo­ple, see Emeril’s post about it here.

You can also read about the prod­uct from its devel­oper. Link. There, you’ll also read about another prod­uct, but I’ll let you dis­cover it for yourself.

Isn’t this a prod­uct that cries out for sam­pling and in-store tast­ing? Why haven’t I been offered a taste of this won­der­ful product?

Warn­ing: don’t just buy one to take home.

By the way, I go to a small Korean super­mar­ket (Orange Mar­ket in Orange­burg, NY) that will let me taste (actu­ally, they encour­age me to taste) any fruit that I’m think­ing of buying. Isn’t that the way to make the decision easy?

Lesson; Give them a taste. In showbiz, it’s called “Show ’em a little leg.”