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    Revised Table of Contents—Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, 2nd Edition

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    Here’s a much more manageable table of contents of Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Marketing in a World Where People Only Listen to their Friends, 2nd Ed. April of 2011 is the target publication date. But you don’t have to wait. My deal with my publisher is that I can use modern word-of-mouth marketing techniques and post the contents of the book online. If you want to carry it around and make marginal notes, you’ll have to buy the paper book or e-book when it comes out.

    The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, 2th Edition

    Prologue: The Calf-Path

    1.   Why This Book—and Word-of-Mouth Marketing Today—Is Different

    2.   Changing Your—and Your Company’s—Way of Looking at Things

    3.   The Systematic Approach to Word of Mouth

    4.   Dominating Your Market by Easifying the Customer Decision Cycle

    5.   How to Use Word of Mouth to Easify the Decision Process

    6.   The Decision Process

    7.   The Nine Levels of Word of Mouth

    8.   Five M’s to Live By

    9.   Researching Word of Mouth

    10. Creating the Content

    11. Delivering the Message

    12. Electronic Word of Mouth

    13. Six Steps to Harnessing Word of Mouth

    14. Viral Marketing…Maybe

    15. Constructing the Ultimate Word-of-Mouth Campaign

    16. Which Methods Work Best for What?: Word-of-Mouth Checklist

    17. Your Word-of-Mouth Toolkit

    18. Managing—and Leveraging—Negative Word of Mouth

    19. Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Specific Audiences and Circumstances

    20. Tips, Techniques, and Suggestions That Will Make It Easier

    21. Word-of-Mouth Measurement

    22. How to Fight Word-of-Mouth Fraud and Other Shady WOM Practices


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