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September 6, 2005 |  by  |  General
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Last week GM announced August car sales were down a whopping 13% (industry sales were up 3.8%) … even as they continued their “free cars” employee discount. Ford’s biggest SUV sales plunged … 40%! And, oh yeah, Japanese car market share hit a new record, 39%. (Nissan … +15%. Toyota … +14%. Honda … +23%.) So what, exactly, is it/was it that Wagoner knew that you and I didn’t?

[Link no longer available]

In the meantime, Audi has insisted that I pay for every little ding and scratch on a 4-year-old Audi A6. And my Toyota dealer continues to be wonderful about the service on our twin Priuses. Except… they couldn’t change the channel in their waiting room from a very disturbing History channel documentary about the Holocaust that I couldn’t watch early in the morning before my coffee, because the “only person who can change channels, who has the key, hasn’t come in yet and won’t be here for an hour. How’s that for empowering employees?”

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