The most successful marketing strategy was summed up by Frank W. Woolworth more than 50 years ago:

“I’m the world’s worst salesman. Therefore, I must make it easy for people to buy.”

With that marketing strategy, Woolworth built one of the largest companies in the history of the world.

Since then many others have used the same marketing strategy: make it simpler and easier to get, find, learn about, try, buy, use and evangelize.

It’s still the best marketing strategy

“Simple and Easy to Buy” is still the key to marketing success. But exactly how do you make decisions easier for customers? That’s what you will learn on this web site and in The Market Navigators’ Briefings.

If you are not the leader in your field, you are not making it easy enough for people to buy. Your competitors are making it easier. It’s just that simple.[/pullquote]In your field, YOU will become the leader when you are the first in your industry to master The Easy Strategy.

The Easy Strategy: The company that makes the entire customer decision process easiest – every step of the way – WINS.

If you are not the leader in your field, you are not following The Easy Strategy. Your competitors are making it easier.

The best Marketing Strategy is just that simple — and easy. is the world’s only website and newsletter dedicated to the idea that making it easier for the customer to say “Yes” is the best marketing strategy.

Our mission is to supply the tools that can give EVERY marketing strategist who has a superior product, service or idea, the ability to get more customers, clients and sales by making the customer decision process easy.

Marketing strategy is misunderstood, even by marketers. Marketing is a noble profession, helping people make difficult decisions about products that can enhance their lives.

If you believe that…
•    customers are friends who you exchange goods and services with (except that your friends didn’t help pay for your house),
•    that your mission is to help these friends make the best, easiest decisions,
•    that YOUR product is the best decision…

…you’ve come to the right place.

Please join us in our journey.

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George Silverman

George Silverman, The Decision Guy “The Easiest-to-Decide-on product wins”

I’m George Silverman, The Decision Guy. My work is all about making your customers’ decisions easier. When you master making decisions easier, you will achieve massive business increases.

What do you need to make easier? Everything! Everything from finding your product, comparing it to other options, getting answers and information faster, understanding the perfection of your solution, solving problems, providing comfort with a good guarantee, warranty or track record, and creating an optimal customer experience that exceeds their expectations. – faster, easier and with less time and stress than your competition.

It is YOUR job to help your customers find and make the easiest decision – the best, most expedient solution to their problem.  Learn more about The Best Marketing Strategy